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After three days of being a scaredy cat and worrying whether I'd be allowed to join with little artistic talent, I joined DA on 20th August 2006. And I'm glad I did, thanks to all the people I've met here and all the art work I've seen or read.

Happy 14th Birthday DeviantART

Refugee for Freedom          He tightened the belt around his chest and the bag tied to his waist. He threw a cloak over himself, pocketed some money and drowned his features in shadow with a large hood. He now looked much like any hunchback beggar would, although he despised this hideous façade. At least what he would have to endure in this disguise would be better than what he would endure otherwise. He knew too well of the humans’ incapacity to accept differences.
          He stepped through the door and locked it, securing that it could not be opened.  His small apartment told lies of his financial condition and added to his disguise; the garments he had left inside because they were too large to be concealed by his cloak had great monetary value. Yet, the emotional attachment he held towards his attire made most of it priceless, and he would be utterly incapable of bearing any los

This first artwork isn't a picture but a short story by Shed-senpai
It was the first of their stories I've read and it remains one of my favourites. The author uses only a few words to show what is happening but it creates a bigger picture of the world they are trying to show with the reader's imagination. Although it has a sad undertone about where myths and legends belong in our modern world, there is also a glint of hope that the stories of our histories will always be around somewhere.

A monster in Paris-song by CHERUBIM101

When the film, "A Monster in Paris" came out, I was interested in the plot and the character, Francour the giant flea. It wasn't until I saw the film and listened to the songs, "A Monster in Paris" and "La Seine" that I was hooked. I think this picture captures Francour's personality and the feel of his song that he sings in the alleyway.

EPIC BATTLE by humon
I found "Scandinavia and the World" by humon shortly before I found Hetalia. While liking both of them, I enjoy the humour that Humon has and puts into her comics. I also like the comments she writes in the artist's comments about the story behind the comic. The artwork itself is simple but looks great and effective in story telling. I love Denmark and his sister!

Nyx and Jag by Jagna-Q7

Tango by Jagna-Q7 Hello, I'm Twilightgirl12 and I'm a JagnaXGreyback shipper.

Okay, I put two deviations for Jagna-Q7 , mainly because I couldn't choose which ones were my favourites from her gallery. We became friends as we were both fans of Transformers: Beast Wars (and of several hot characters XD ). The first one is one she did of her Beast Wars character Jagna (right) and of mine, Nyx (left). It's a very special picture for me.

The second one is one of my favourite pairings, Jagna and Greyback from Jagna's fanfiction, "Beast Wars: REBIRTH". I love these two and their awkwardness towards each other. 

City of LightThe sun's rays sparkle of the crystal buildings, the light split into the many colours that make this place so attractive to Mortals and Eternals alike.
As I walk down the crowded street, I hear the merchants cry, the almost solid wall of sound from the many shoppers, the almost rythmic stomp of visiters and the  occasional Guardian enjoying a rare day off from the battles that plague us.
This is my home. The Crystal City of Light...
Yes, its crowded. Yes, its noisy. Yes, sometimes you can't move for refugees...
But I wouldn't leave. Couldn't leave.
The cystal buildings absorb the light as I walk beneath them, readying themselves for the oncoming night.
I suppose thats the only complaint I have of this place. No true night. Only a captured day, forced to hold back the natural order of things...
Heh. I suppose even the self proclaimed defenders of nature can't help but interfere.
Not that I blame them.
As I travel around the almost transparant buildings and statu

Again, here's two deviations (I'm NOT sorry) from Wolf-Light
He was one of my first friends on here and is a fantastic author. (I dare him to deny it!) The first one is his intro to our first tournament together, The Dark Horse Tournament. Sadly, we didn't get to compete against each other but it was fun writing about our characters. The second is one of his short stories, with the prompt "City of". He makes the the city of the title sound like a wonderful place until you read further and realise that there a dark side to the light.

Defying Gravity by sonokitsunekono

I've only recently gotten into "Wicked: The musical" or rather, the music and the songs after I read the first three "Wicked" books by Gregory Maguire. One of my favourites is "Defying Gravity" and these lines are my favourite part of the song. This picture captures those lines perfectly. I love the colours and the pose Elphaba is in is so natural for her.

HA: All About Us (Please view description first!) by ashestoApples

About a month or two ago, I joined the Holidays-Academy and met some really wonderful people. One of them, ashestoApples helped me with my character's profile and put up with my questions. She's also a brilliant artist and make adorable characters like Everest N. Hollow "Eve". This is one of my favourite deviations and I highly recommend to play the song along with it!



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Click Me!

Click Me!

When I was little, I used to hate reading as I found it really hard. I hated writing too as my hand writing was too large, messy and had thousands of spelling mistakes.

However, thanks to my teachers, I slowly learned to read and write properly. I even learned to love reading and the school library became my second home.

The characters in the books I read became more real to me than the people I knew. I still love to read but now I also want to write. I want to write stories with characters that could hold out a hand to the reader and say;

"Come in and join us, let us tell you our story."

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