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I was tagged by :iconcandy-leptic: YAY! XD

1. - You must post these rules.

2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged

6. - Not something like " You are tagged if you read that"

7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people

8. - No tag-backs

9. - You can't say that you don't do tags.

10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry


I’ll NEVER CONFORM WITH YOUR RULES! (Okay, I’m sorry....I’ll try to follow some....)


10 Things About Myself


1. I have three dogs called Murphy (biggest dog), Arthur (medium sized) and Gypsy (small enough to trip over, big enough not to stick in a handbag).


2. If you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up as a kid, I’d say that I wanted to be a mermaid. The only problem I had (at the time), was that I was terrified of going underwater.


3. Also as a kid, I saw a programme about extinct animals and whether they could be cloned.  After that, I was determined to have a pet mammoth. And I still haven’t completely given up on the dream either. XD


4. I’m a history geek and proud of it. On a school trip, I went to see the Bayeux Tapestry and because I was fangirling over it, I walked up and down the display for an hour, just looking at the thing before the teachers dragged me out.


5. I’m really good at finding four leaf clovers; mostly it’s unintentional but sometimes I do a quick look for them in any clover patches I see.


6. Ever since I created a robot character, I’ve become interested in anything robotic. (I did love Robot Wars as a kid though.) However, as much as I like them, I’m rubbish at anything mathematic and engineering, so I couldn’t build a robot in real life.


7. I once got into a mock fight with a King Mickey cosplayer at a convention in London. I’m not sure who won in the end but I have always said that I won that fight!


8.  I do like singing when I’m on my own; I get embarrassed if anyone (mainly my parents) heard me. However, I did start singing Christmas songs out loud when I was locked in a dog cage at work for charity during the festive season a couple of years ago.


9. Thanks to working in a pet shop, I’ve gotten good at building hamster cages.


10. I got into writing stories of my own after falling in love with Brian Jacques’s Redwall series.




It’s going well! My wisdom tooth has been painful recently but I should be having it out soon.


2. Favourite crack ship? WE ALL HAVE ONE.

Hmm...I think it would have to be PussyCat X Razer from Robot Wars…


3. Would you like a drawing?~ And of whoooo?

Only if you not swimming in requests! Don’t worry about it if you are busy! As for who, I’m happy with just a quick sketch of Hollow.


4. Do you do anything other than art?

I’m a writer mainly; I normally draw for fun and to get a clearer idea about how my characters look for stories about them.


5. What was the last dream that you had?

I think I dreamt about Hollow because it was after the Holiday War RP. He transformed into a lion at some point. There was a witch in a black, white and green ball gown as well.


6. Do you play Animal Crossing?

I’m afraid not, I’d like to though.


7. Favourite cartoon as a kid/ or even now?

Transformers: Beast Wars was the first show I religiously watched. I only watched the first season though and it was years later before I saw season 2 and 3.


8. If it isn't POWERPUFFGIRLS then explain why???

If it isn’t them, then it must be Billy and Mandy! Those kids cause the Apocalypse on a weekly basis!  I liked watching the Powerpuff girls when it was on as a kid; my favourite was Bubbles! X3 I should really start watching it again.


9. What music do you listen to?? (It's STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE, amirite!?)

I tend to like all sorts of music but I listen mainly to rock pop, folk, soundtracks, rock (Not the ones with scream singing), pop and Disney as well. I’ve recently got into The Piano Guys too.

*Listens to Steam Powered Giraffe*

They’re pretty good! I like their style. “Brass Goggles” and “Automatic Electronic Harmonics” are my favourites at the moment.


10. What do you do when you're really bummed out?

Listening to my favourite songs and singing along to them helps (Owl City, Lady Gaga, DK Smile and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack are normally the ones I put on first.) If I get time; I read some books (or my Kindle) to cheer me up as well. And I’ll go and hug the dogs too if they sit still long enough. Or my bunny.....Though he only likes hugs if his face is hidden under my arm.


Questions for YOU


1. You are sitting in your room when a weird, rainbow coloured, pygmy hippo magically appears in front of you. “Hi! I’m a generic magical mascot that will hang round you for food but will totally leave you behind if a giant monster comes to eat us.” It says in a squeaky voice.  What do you do or/and say?  


2. It turns out that the rainbow hippo is called Boggy Tutu and is an ambassador for the planet, Wutty Rutty. Apparently, there’s an evil threat called the Wetwipes that are threating the entire universe by wanting to turn it into a giant stage and making everyone listen to rubbish Wetwipe music. According to Boggy Tutu, the only hope in stopping them is a magical girl/boy from Earth. (A.K.A It’s totally you.) What’s your reaction to this news?


3. Boggy Tutu explains (more like guilt tripping you) that even though you could be killed, you are the universe’s last hope of salvation. But he and his people aren’t going to throw you into battle without anything to help you. Boggy pulls out from his mouth an item which is supposed to give you a weapon and magical powers. He shoves the slimy thing into your hands. What is this item?


4. The hippo then explains how to activate the thing, you shout out your magical chant to transform yourself into a magical girl/boy. What do you shout and what is your transformation sequence like?


5. Hooray! You’ve finally become a magical girl/boy, the symbol of Justice, Truth and the Power of Grey kneecap or something. Tell me what your costume looks like and what kind of weapon have you been given?  Any cool or unique powers?


6. Let’s take a break from the Skittle hippo for now. What kind of books do you like?


7. If you could make up a new star sign, what would it be and what characteristics would it have?


8. A cat in a waistcoat wearing top hat and a monocle or a rabbit wearing a cowboy hat, a silver sheriff star and red cowboy boots. Which is better and the cutest?


9. Pirate Zombies VS Robot Ninjas! Who wins?


10. And back to our adventure!

After many adventures and fighting the good fight as a magical girl/boy, you are finally against the Boss King of Wetwipes! He laughs horribly before sneering, “You cannot stop me *Insert cheesy magical name you’ve given yourself*!  For I am the creator of bad music!”

 What does this jerk look like and how do you finally kick his ass?


I tag: Wolf-Light , FranceyPantsLOL , Jagna-Q7 , leayana , The7thLoonatic , kyri01-1 , Glasskeeper , :devronyhunterwren: , CrazyElf95 , crazyshiro

(Only if you're not busy or anything, okay?)


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom

Click Me!

Click Me!

When I was little, I used to hate reading as I found it really hard. I hated writing too as my hand writing was too large, messy and had thousands of spelling mistakes.

However, thanks to my teachers, I slowly learned to read and write properly. I even learned to love reading and the school library became my second home.

The characters in the books I read became more real to me than the people I knew. I still love to read but now I also want to write. I want to write stories with characters that could hold out a hand to the reader and say;

"Come in and join us, let us tell you our story."

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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Which Hidamari Apartment Resident Are You?
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